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Incubate Fund India

Incubate Fund is a leading seed-focused venture capital fund based in Tokyo and Singapore. We have invested more than 200 startups in Japan and other parts of Asia. In 2016, we decided to start investment to Indian early stage startups and set up a new investment & consultancy company in Singapore. This is Incubate Fund India.

We are trying to become an "Asian Best Practice Hub" for startups.​

Since we have invested 200+ startups all over Asia from main fund and its family funds, we have a massive database of success and failurure of startups. We will provide advise and mentoring based on these case studies. In addition, with utilising our strong networks and connections in Japan and other Asian countires, we will support Indian startups to go global. 

Nao Murakami 
General Partner
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■ Career

Was consistently covering start-ups in the IT/Internet sector at the Tokyo and NY headquarters of Nomura Securities Group. Lead many start-ups to IPO. Moved to India in 2014, experienced starting a start-up on site. Established Incubate Fund India in 2016, and appointed as a general partner.

Graduated University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Political Science major, History minor


■ Message

India is a country that is rapdily developing, on the other hand, it also still faces a lot of challenges. We want to create start-ups together with the talented local entrepreneurs that will brilliantly solve such problems. I cherish both my point of view as a person born and raised in Japan, a developed country with new problems, and also the local point of view that I obtained in India, I wish to continue to contribute to the development of the startup ecosystem of India and therefore Asia as a whole.

Masahiko Honma
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■ Career

After graduating from university, carried out investment operations in IT companies in Silicon Valley at JAFCO’s overseas investment arm. After that, he worked for Accenture’s venture capital arm. In 2007, founded Core People Partners, a fund specializing in incubation of internet businesses. In 2010, founded IncubateFund, appointed as joint partner. Living in Singapore.


Graduated Keio University Faculty of Business and Commerce


■ Message

In our position as investors, rather than supervise and manage entrepreneurs, we stand firm in our support of companies we invested in, try to bring success to the business together with the entrepreneurs and be a flat partner to the entrepreneurs as much as possible. The industry of venture capitals is a new and immature industry, although its value expected from society is great. Incubate Fund itself continues to explore the shape of a stronger and new venture capital as an entrepreneur in Japan and Asia.

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